Ambohijanahary Special Reserve

Map Ambohijanahary Ambohijanahary Special Reserve is located on the western limit of the high plateau and not far from the Bongolava Mountains, just on the road from Tsiroanomandidy to Maintirano. It was created in 1958 and has a total surface of almost 250km². The reserve includes a wide variety of landscapes, among them some of the last remaining dense sclerophyllous forests. All this area suffers from the extreme climatic changes every year: a hot rainy season and a long dry season when most of the rivers dry almost completely. The local population belongs mainly to the Sakavala ethnic group, who lives from zebu cattle, apiculture, fishing and rice and corn crops. 
There are several ecosystems depending on the altitude (from 600 to 1800 meters): water areas, gramineous savannah, bamboos, rocky landscape and different sclerophyllous forests. The range of animal species here is really wide: 78 species of mammals (but only one diurnal lemur, the beautiful Decken´s sifaka), 9 species of amphibians, 21 reptiles (chameleons, snakes and lizards) and 57 birds (more than the half are endemic). Madagascar lizard
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The most important threats are as usual the human activities. The Sakavala are very proud of their zebu herds and practice since ancient times the “tavy”: they burn the savannah so that the zebus get the fresh new-grown grass after the fire.

The accommodation is basic with some hotelys in Maintirano and Tsiroanomandidy.

At the moment there are no Park Office, circuits or any other facilities available.
For further information you should contact the central office in Tana.

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