Andranomena Special Reserve

Map Andranomena
This is a small and flat Special Reserve (64,2 km²) that has been recently opened for tourists. It lies 30 km northeast of Morondava and about 10 km from the Baobabs´Alley. Andranomena is mainly composed of dense deciduous dry forest, and comprises some seasonal small lakes where local endemic aquatic plants grow. More than 75% of the flora and 60% of the fauna living in the Reserve is endemic and several species are rare and are included on the Red List of Threatened Species. This vulnerable ecosystem is threatened by cattle and human exploitation of the limited natural resources, slash and burn agriculture, poaching and illegal tree falling from precious wood.
The Reserve is pretty rich in animal wildlife (similar species as in Kirindy): there are 12 different lemurs species (Verraux’s sifaka, red-tailed sportive lemur, brown lemur, Western fork-crowned lemur), fossa, the endangerd and local endemic  narrow-striped mongoose and giant jumping rat, 50 species of birds and 11 species of reptiles, such as the extremely rare and in danger of disappearance flat-tailed tortoise. flat tailed turtle
The flat-tailed tortoise is about to disappear ©Antony

Regarding the flora, we find several species of Burseraceaes, Euphorbiaceaes and Bombacaceaes: 3 species of baobabs are found here (Adansonia fony, Andasonia grandidieri and Andasonia za)

The Reserve is just one hour from Morondava by car, so it is an ideal place for a day trip. Andranomena can be visited all the year although during the rainy season (December to March) the transfer from Morondava can take much longer due to the poor road condition and some trails might not be accessible. Although temperature is rarely higher than 30°, you should protect yourself from the tropical sun! Bring enough water with you and avoid wearing dark clothes.

There is no accommodation inside the park. All visitors overnight in Morondava.

      The coexistence of humans and nature is even harder in the dry regions
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There are two different trails within the Reserve, 5,000 Ar fee each one:

The Antsarongaza circuit (2 hours) leads through the thick deciduous forest where you will be astonished by the gigantic baobabs and spot lemurs and reptiles.

The circuit of the four lakes (the lakes dry up during the dry season) passes trough the forest and some baobabs until the lakes where you may observe several rare waterbirds and plants.

The Reserve has an office in Morondava and a small local one by the park entrance.

Special Reserve of Andranomena
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