Betampona Integral Reserve

Map Betampona
This tiny Integral Nature Reserve with just 2,3 km² is located near the eastern coast, 40 km northeast of Tamatave. It was founded in 1927, which attests Madagascar being among the first countries to create protected areas. Since 1966 it is directly managed by the ANGAP and has been included into the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Betampona Reserve protects one of the last remaining rainforests of the northeast of the island, and despite its reduced surface it contains a remarkable diversity of flora and fauna. So far this wildlife sanctuary is exclusively opened to scientists, so it is now allowed to enter the Reserve for “normal” visitors. Several research and conservation projects are being carried out at the moment.

There are 11 lemur species (black and white ruffed lemurs, white-fronted brow lemur, indris and aye-ayes are among them), 10 endemic mammals and 95 bird species, such as crested ibis, Madagascar sparrowhawk, Henst’s Goshawk and 4 coua species. Besides more than 100 reptiles and amphibians species cohabit in this small oasis.

Currently the total population of ruffed lemur in the reserve is 35 individuals, so a project to reintroduction of further ruffed lemurs has been implemented in order to enrich the gene pool of the ruffed lemurs of Betampona.
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Black white ruffed lemur
  Black and white ruffed lemur © Madagascar Travel Guide
Betampona also has a great variety of plants, specially palm trees and flowers (some of them really endangered). So far more than 250 species have been identified inside the Reserve.

Since no visitors can enter the Reserve there are no infrastructures at all.

You can get informed about the projects and the present situation of the Rererve al the ANGAP Office in Tamatave.

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