Pic d'Ivohibe Special Reserve

Map Pic-ivohibe Pic d´Ivohibe Special Reserve lies 20 km south of Andringitra NP, on the southeast of Madagascar. It was created in 1964 and covers an area of 34,5 km². The climate differs depending on the altitude, which varies between 750 m and 2060 on the top of Ivohive Peak. The vegetation is formed by tropical humid rainforest on the eastern side, mountain dense forest on the highlands and grassy savannas on the western part of the Reserve. Pic d´Ivohibe represents an important water source for the local populations of Betsileo and Bara people, who use the numerous rivers crossing the Reserve for the rice paddies and grapevine growing. They are also zebu holders and farmers, and still practice slash and burn agriculture

Due to its difficult access and the lack of infrastructure, this pretty isolated Reserve is still very few visited and little known. It is a place for real adventures and true nature-fans.

The park offers a habitat to seven different mammals: lemur, mongooses, tenrecs, as well as 18 reptiles and 77 birds species, such as Rand’s warbler or grey-crowned tetraka. Among the lemurs visitors can spot brown mouse lemur, eastern woolly lemur, ring-tailed lemur, weasel sportive lemur and eastern grey bamboo lemur.

ring-tailed lemur
  Ring-tailed lemur © Gail Johnson
brown mouse lemur
  Brown mouse lemur © Antony

The rainy season starts on October and lasts until March. During the dry season temperatures can be very low in the highlands.

Pic d´Ivohibe Special Reserve is accessible by road during the most part of the year. Starting from Tana, take the main road RN7 until Ihosy and here change to a very bad secondary road for 110 km until the village of Ivohibe. Once here visitors have to walk for some more km until the Reserve.
There is a taxi-brousse connection until Ivohibe several times a week from Ihosy.

There are currently no circuits established and not touristic infrastructures available. Camping is allowed at some points but you must bring your own equipment and tent.

There is a small local Office located at the Reserve entrance.

 If you are planning to visit Pic d´Ivohibe, we strongly advice you to contact first a main ANGAP Office to get further information. The nearest one is in Fianarantsoa:

Direction de Madagascar National Parks à Fianarantsoa
BP 1363 Antsorokavo, Fianarantsoa
Phone. : + (261 20) 75 512 74 / (261 32) 02 450 25
Email : angapfnr@mel.moov.mg angapfnr@yahoo.fr fnr.parks@gmail.com