Tampoketsa- Analamaitso Special Reserve

Map Tampoketsa Tampoketsa-Analamaitso Special Reserve is situated in the province of Mahajanga, in the northern part of the island. It was created in 1958 and protects an area of 180 km² of transition forest. This Reserve is located just at the border between the humid rainforest of the east and the dry deciduous forest of the western part of Madagascar. Apart from these two types of forest, which are partly severely degraded, the reserve includes mid-altitude tropical forests, open savannas and marshlands along the rivers. Almost the 85% of the plants and trees species are endemic.

The main threat to the conservation of the Reserve is as usual human pressure. The local Tsimihety, Betsileo and Merina populations are even poorer than in other regions and therefore totally dependant on the natural resources. Their survival is based on the zebu herds, the rice paddies and other vegetables.

There are 6 mammal species including 3 lemurs: brown mouse lemur, common brown lemur and greater dwarf lemur. We also find 50 bird species, the half of them endemic like the sacred ibis o the velvet asity; 24 reptiles (23 endemic) including local endemic Brookesia chameleons and day geckos and numerous spiders which only occur here.

brown lemur
 Brown lemurs are the most common of the 3 resident lemur species
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The climate is tropical with two clear seasons. During the hot and humid rainy season between November and March it rains a lot and the whole region is frequently isolated. The dry season is cool and lasts from April to October.

The access to the reserve is really hard due to the terrible road conditions even during the dry months, and impossible during the rainy season.

Because of this geographical isolation and the very few visitors who dare to visit Tampoketsa-Analamaitso Reserve, there are no touristic infrastructures at all and not even a local Office at present.

There are a few very simple accommodations at Andadoany and 2 camping places not far from the reserve.

The nearest village and gate to the reserve is called Sahalentina.

If you are adventurous enough to plan a visit to this remote area of Madagascar, you should inform you at the central ANGAP Office in Antananarivo:

Madagascar National Parks
Ambatobe - BP 1424, 101 Antananarivo
Phone: + (261 20) 22 415 38
Email : contact@madagascar.national.parks.mg